I love the outdoors, and everything that’s in it.  I believe that God reveals himself through nature, and no matter how many hours or days I spend in it, I see something new that I never noticed before.  I’m not a rich man.  I don’t have a big name, or connections in the hunting or fishing industry.  I’m just an ordinary guy, who wanted to post about things that I or my good friends have the good fortune to experience.  Who knows, I may help someone to avoid all of the mistakes I’ve made over the years, and hopefully will get to learn a few pointers from anyone else out there on the web.


Packing out an Elk Hide

I’ve come to the conclusion that everything that I enjoy doing revolves around the acquisition, preparation, and consumption of food. I like to hunt, fish, forage, garden, cook, and eat good food.  You can’t purchase food of the same quality as that which is collected from nature’s plentiful bounty.  I believe that after God created us, he placed us in a garden.  That garden is the world around us, even if we have to know how to navigate a few pitfalls before we can determine what is best to eat.  This blog is a collection of a few of my family and friends’ mischievous adventures along the way.

As you will see from my writing, I don’t take myself too seriously.  I enjoy anything from a cold Miller lite to a craft Pale Ale. Depending on the day, I’m a greasy cheeseburger wrapped in wax paper or a fine steak in bordelaise sauce kind of guy. I hope that you will enjoy following along with my pastimes as much as I enjoy writing about them.

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