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  • How to Clean an Alligator Gar Fish

    This “trash fish” is anything but trash if you know how to remove and prepare the meat. After your next bowfishing trip, know how to make the best of your kill.

  • How to Set Up A Compound Bow At Home (Diamond Archery’s Prism)

    How I set up my daughter’s bow at home with simple hand tools.

  • How to Make a Cheap Bow Press

    How Fred Sanford would make a bow press at home.

  • Fred Bear’s 10 Commandments of Hunting

    Wisdom from one of the greatest bow hunters of the past.

  • Old Man of the Woods Mushroom Recipe: Cajun Braised Venison with Mushrooms, and Dark Brown Gravy

    Tinder braised deer meat, thick flavorful gravy, with delicious ripe Old Man of the Woods Mushrooms served over a bed of Louisiana grown white rice, and a side of sauteed green briar and bull thistle.

  • Old Man of the Woods: Edible Wild Mushroom

    A delicious find that goes great with red meat and red wine.