Antifa Leader Pulls Gun on Police and is Killed *VIDEO*

Po-Po Too Quick For That! is reporting that 30 year old Charles Landeros, was shot in the head by officers when he pulled a firearm, and attempted to kill two police officers.

Warning that the link contains video that is raw and graphic.

Link to’s article:


Photo Courtesy of You can clearly see what appears to be a Beretta 92 in the hands of Landeros who is sporting a shirt that reads “Smash the Patriarchy”

The officers were attempting to take Mr. Landeros into custody for resisting arrest in connection with a custody battle over his daughter who attends the middle school where the incident took place. When the officers attempted to place him under arrest he pulled a weapon, and officers responded quickly. The officers’ quick thinking, and actions in such a stressful situation is yet another reason to thank all law enforcement officers that you encounter for serving the community. They have to deal with the worst of society…on worst of society’s worst day…every day so that you don’t have to.

Landeros was the chief firearms instructor and a leader in the leftist militant group known as the “Red Army” which is part of the group ANTIFA. According to the groups’ mission statement is to “protect” members of the LGBTQ+ communities, as well as anyone that the group perceives as “oppressed.”

Body Cam footage of the Antifa Leader attempting to kill police.

It is also worth noting that according to, Landeros was carrying a backpack full of various calibers of ammunition, and obviously a 9mm handgun in a middle school. Just in case you’re reading this article on planet moron, that’s what’s referred to in “the biz” as “against the law.” It’s amazing how evil people love gun-free zones, and how making it illegal for the law abiding to carry a gun in said zone didn’t stop a criminal from doing just that.

The district attorney does not appear to be pressing charges against the officers. Lane County District Attorney, Patty Perlow, released the following statement: “There was no clearer circumstance that the use of deadly force is justified than this…” According to the FBI who investigated the incident, Landeros recently posted anti-government threats as well as calling for the shooting of police on social media.

Again, if you see an officer of the law operating in any capacity, please stop him or her, and thank them for what they do every day. By wearing the badge, they knowingly walk around every day with a target on their back. Yet, they have the courage, and sense of service to their community to put themselves between our loved ones and harm. What is wrong with the priorities of a society that pays millions to someone who can catch or throw a football, or shoot a basket, but pays so little to the men and women who choose to deal with this sort of thing for a living? Not to mention, groups like the one that Landeros represents call on citizens to hate, and even kill police. These same people will quickly dial 911 when they are in need (and police will still respond to the call). I can guarantee you that all members of law enforcement don’t do it for the wonderful pay.

From this blog to all members of the Po-Po everywhere I’d just like to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE!

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