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I’ve come to the conclusion that everything that I enjoy doing revolves around the acquisition, preparation, and consumption of food. I like to hunt, fish, forage, garden, cook, and eat good food. You can’t purchase food of the same quality as that which is collected from nature’s plentiful bounty. I believe that after God created us, he placed us in a garden. That garden is the world around us, even if we have to know how to navigate a few pitfalls before we can determine what is best to eat. This blog is a collection of a few of my family and friends’ mischievous adventures along the way.

  • Hog Hunting – Whac-a-Mole with a .375 H&H

    Take a Hunter, Baited Shooting Lanes, 375 H&H Rifle, Perfect Weather, and what do you have? The world’s best game of Wild Hog Whac-a Mole!

  • Deer Flank Steak Recipe – Flank Steak Fajitas

    Venison Flank Steak has always been a cut of meat for which I could never find a recipe that I actually enjoyed.  The texture was always tough, or stringy, or I didn’t like the mouth feel.  Well, with this recipe… Read More ›

  • Deer Ribs Recipe – BBQ Venison Ribs

    Who doesn’t like ribs?….somebody tell that guy to shut his face.  For all of the rest of us, let us begin.  This is a recipe attempted out of pure desperation.  I wanted to find something else to do with deer… Read More ›

  • BBQ Sauce Recipe – Nonkie’s BBQ Sauce

    You can’t get much more simple and delicious than this BBQ sauce recipe, and it is good for BBQ, or smoking your favorite beast.

  • Have You Ever Had The Perfect Hunt? The Death of Bo Derek, The Perfect 10 (Point)

    Have you ever had the perfect hunt?  What is your idea of the perfect hunt? He>i If you hunt in Louisiana as I have all of my life, then you know that harvesting a good buck is hard fought even… Read More ›

  • *Video* The Wonders and Torments of Bow Hunting; A 12 yr Old Girl’s First Bow Hunt

    “These experiences are part of the process, and if you haven’t had them, then you have not earned the label of bow hunter.”

  • *Video* Crazy Cajun Gets in Water to Retrieve Wounded Alligator!

    Here is the video of Matt Shute jumping in the bayou with a live gator to retrieve it.