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I’ve come to the conclusion that everything that I enjoy doing revolves around the acquisition, preparation, and consumption of food. I like to hunt, fish, forage, garden, cook, and eat good food. You can’t purchase food of the same quality as that which is collected from nature’s plentiful bounty. I believe that after God created us, he placed us in a garden. That garden is the world around us, even if we have to know how to navigate a few pitfalls before we can determine what is best to eat. This blog is a collection of a few of my family and friends’ mischievous adventures along the way.

  • *Video* The Wonders and Torments of Bow Hunting; A 12 yr Old Girl’s First Bow Hunt

    “These experiences are part of the process, and if you haven’t had them, then you have not earned the label of bow hunter.”

  • *Video* Crazy Cajun Gets in Water to Retrieve Wounded Alligator!

    Here is the video of Matt Shute jumping in the bayou with a live gator to retrieve it.

  • September Teal

    You feed your trusty shotgun a few more of the devil’s pills, as you ready for the next wave…more whistling wings!

  • Slow Motion Helicopter Hog Hunting – Its a Wonderful World

    After finding my daughter’s bow season feeders destroyed by hogs, I needed some “group therapy.” Woosah!

  • Making a Foam Archery Target – Fence Post Foam

    If you’re like me, and are always looking for ways to repair or make new archery targets, then here’s another idea for you.

  • Two Stupid Cajuns find an Alligator Nest, and Hatchlings

    While Mama Gator was away, we checked out a gator nest, and the gator hatchlings.

  • Alligator Hunting – The Three Amigo Alligator

    Crazy Cajun jumps in the water with LIVE alligator to retrieve my wounded gator!