**Video** How Not to Shoot a Black Bear With a Recurve Bow

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 1.52.58 PM

If you are a hunter, then I dare you to try to keep from having your butt pucker when you watch this video!

This black bear gets a liiiiitle bit too close while this bow hunter is waiting to take a shot.  The bear looks up, spots the hunter, and decides to give him a little kiss.

Luckily the hunter looks like he makes it out of the situation unharmed other than probably needing a change of under-britches.

Note to self:  “Hunt from tree with bow, or with firearm on ground, but not bow from ground when spot and stalking black bears.”

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  1. Awesome post! Hunter in this situation was incredibly lucky. Your final word of advice is well taken!

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