Quick Detach Scope Mount: The Larue Tactical LT111 Test & Review – Will It Return to Zero?


“I want a quick detach scope for long range shooting that returns to zero every time.”

This was one of the arduous demands given to me by Mr. Man when assembling an AR-10 chambered in .308 Win.  Mr. Man wishes to remain anonymous, but his rifle will be an internet gun nerd guinea pig.

We’ve all heard the questions concerning the trust factor as it pertains to quick detach systems, and their ability to reliably return to zero.  Well, I’m finally going to sit down, expend the ammo, and take the range time to test Larue Tactical’s claims that their LT111 Optimized Battle Rifle (OBR) Quick Detach (QD) scope mount will return to zero after multiple removals, and returns to its perch atop the picatinny rail of Mr. Man’s AR-10.

Will the following test be complicated?…  No.

Could you do it yourself?….  Absolutely.

Would you rather me spend my money, time, and ammo doing the test, and just report the results?…..  Now we’re talking!


The good part about this test for me is that it’s not my money…  It’s Mr. Man’s money…except for the cost of the ammo.  The good part about this test for you, is that I don’t give a crap if it works or not. Therefore, I can simply report the unblemished truth.  I don’t own the rifle, and I certainly don’t own Larue Tactical (although I wish I did).  I just want to see if this is a product that will prove itself in the field to return to zero every time.

So, the test will be conducted in the following manner:

Method Used:

  • Mount the scope in the mounts, and attach to the AR-10.
  • Zero the rifle at 100 yds
  • (Without removing the scope mount from the upper) Fire 1 X 3 shot group @ 100 Yards.  This will be our 100 yard control group.
  • At 100 yards, we will remove the scope mount, and replace it onto the picatinny rail.
  • Then we will fire 1 X 3 shot group.
  • This process of scope mount removal, and replacement followed by the firing of a 3 shot group will be repeated 3 times.
  • Thus, we will end up with one group at 100 yards containing 12 shots.

Once the method is complete we will have a 12 shot group containing:

  1. 1X3 shot control group @ 100 yds;
  2. 3X3 shot test groups @ 100 yds.

Ammo Used:

  • We will be using factory loaded .308 Win, Federal Premium Gold Medal Match loaded with 168 grain Sierra Match King boat tail hollow points.

Rifle Used:

  • Rifle Barrel is 18.5″ medium weight, stainless Criterion barrel manufactured for Fulton Armory.  The barrel has a 4 groove button rifling, 1:10 twist rate.
  • This rifle has not been fully broken in.  The reason I’m using this rifle, is simple.  Because this is eventually where the LT-111 will reside, so I’m testing the function of the rig upon which it will be run.


We should be able to compare the control group to the test groups to determine if there is any noticeable difference between the groups as a result of the removal and replacing of the scope mount.


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  1. The suspense is killing me!



  1. Quick Detach Scope Mount: *Video* Return To Zero Test – Larue Tactical LT111 – Greatoutdoordinary

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