Quick Detach Scope Mount: *Video* Return To Zero Test – Larue Tactical LT111

Testing LT111

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ryan “Doc” Terry, DDS

We decided to test out the ability of the Larue Tactical LT111 OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) QD Scope Mount to return to zero.  On a balmy, hot, nasty day in South Louisiana (or as we like to call it “Saturday”), we battled winged beasts with swords for a face (some people call them mosquitoes), dodged rain showers, lightning strikes, equipment compromising humidity, and fire ants that decided that they would fight and bite to the death to defend the home they’d made in the seat of our shooting bench like it was Helms Deep, and my butt was the enemy.

Despite all of that, Doc, and my oldest daughter, Emma Kate came to the top secret, high tech weapons testing facility buried deep within the subtropical chaparral of our Atchafalaya Basin lair.  The conditions were terrible, and my shooting was nothing short of embarrassing, but we got it done.

I wanted to conduct a more in-depth test, but the conditions, ammo prices, time, and the fact that I had to get this rifle that I’ve been working on back to Mr. Man limited the test to a more reasonable measure.  To see a full write up on the steps taken in this test, see Quick Detach Scope Mount: The Larue Tactical LT111 Test & Review – Will It Return to Zero?.

168 gr Fed Gold Medal Match.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ryan “Doc” Terry, DDS: This is our “control” 3 round group with 168 gr Fed. Gold Medal Match, loaded with Sierra Match King BTHP

Test Group

Despite shooting like Ray Charles with a hangover (no offense Ray), the LT-111 still managed to maintain zero after repeated removal & returns.


  • Would I use this scope mount to regularly remove and/or replace an optic setup designed to shoot distances beyond 500 yards?       No.
  • For a benchrest or long range rifle setup, I’d go with a fixed system that I knew wouldn’t move unless I moved it on purpose with dynamite.  This system might be able to provide that kind of stability, but there would need to be much testing before I would trust if for that purpose of use.
  • Would I have any problem using this on a battle rifle or hunting rifle for the purposes of distances within 500 yards?       No problem at all.

I believe that the advantages of the QD LT-111 are:

  1. The ability to use multiple optics/sighting systems on the same weapons system;
  2. The ability to use the same optic on multiple firearms if you record the rail location & dope on the scope for each weapon system utilized;
  3. The construction is just plain good solid stuff;
  4. The product is made in the USA, and comes from some good ‘ol boys out of Texas;
  5. The Bottom Line: I believe it is well worth the purchase of this product.  I believe that this conclusion will come as no surprise to anyone who owns Larue Tactical equipment.  It is as advertised.  The mount can be removed, and replaced a multitude of times without the weapon having to be re-zeroed.

I believe the disadvantages of the QD LT-111 are:

  1. The mount is pretty heavy.  I didn’t weigh the piece, but it’s going to weigh more than a simple two ring mounting system.  What you get in rigidity, you sacrifice in weight as is the case with most components.  It must be up to the individual to decide if this trade off is worth the compromise.
  2. It is more expensive than other variations of the quick detach design.  Keep in mind with optics, mounts, etc…you get what you pay for…I have seen many other QD systems that are obviously trying to copy this design.  The difference is with Larue, I now know that it will return to zero.  The less expensive versions would have to be tested, and proven before I would trust it to be used in field conditions.
  3. The motion of the clamping arms sometimes does leave a wear mark on the underside of the 1913 picatinny rail.  If this bothers you, then I suggest you purchase a safe queen that you never shoot, and quit being a Nancy.  Guns are tools.  If they don’t show a little healthy wear, then you need to quite playing so much Call of Dookie and get out and shoot a real firearm.


Badass AR10

Lawyer Satisfaction Clauses:

Don’t do anything that I ever do on my blog because despite the fact that you will live a satisfying life, doing so will eventually get you killed.  Don’t have any fun.  Don’t try this at home (or anyone’s home).  If you’re too ignorant to responsibly use a firearm, then don’t ruin it for the rest of the species.  Always eat your vegetables (after consulting a physician, and after consuming said doctor approved vegetables in the appropriate quantities).  Never play cards with a man named after a United States city (i.e. Reno, Dallas, Jackson, etc.).  Finally, never get involved with a woman who has a tattoo of a dagger anywhere on her body.  Just don’t do it (you can thank me later).

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  1. Excellent review! I’m glad that the equipment worked, and that you won your skirmishes with the local wildlife, acts of God notwithstanding! Have paid careful attention to the Lawyer Satisfaction Clauses and since I no longer play cards, I will run an ad for ladies with dagger tattoos shortly. Enjoy the weekend, my friend!


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