Meat Mission

Well, when the freezer is approaching empty, its time to fill it up again, right?  To me and my family, that means some poor critter is in for trouble.  Between work and family, I’ve been pretty busy this hunting season, and haven’t had the time to get out and get it done in bow season.  I hunt with a traditional bow, or as many of my friends lovingly refer to it, a Starvation Stick.  A few weekends ago, my wife told me, “I know you want to bow hunt, but we’re out of meat, so go kill something.  I don’t care what it is.  And bring a gun!”

Normally I’d be insulted, but when your wife is telling you to go hunting, you quite simply do not argue!  I had some work to do out of town that just so happened to be located within an hour of my family’s hunting property in Northern Louisiana.  My father was staying at the camp to try to fill a tag or two himself, so I got to spend time with ‘Ol Pops as well.

We got up early, and the Northwest wind God was spitting on this humid morning was perfect for a ground blind we have set up overlooking a food plot on a pipeline.  I got settled in for no more than a moment, and out stepped a 2.5 year old crab claw spike.  He sure looked tasty, so he had to go!


One Bullet…Lots of Meals!

One 6.8 SPC round to the neck & voila, ground meat!  With those crab claws he wasn’t getting much better quality-wise.  To be honest, I didn’t care what it looked like.  You can’t eat the antlers, and I needed meat!  I walked the 150 yards or so to collect my prize.  Loaded him in the truck, and it was meals on wheels.


‘Ol Pops’ Hog

I got back to the camp, and started yanking the hide off of him, and I heard a shot from the direction of ‘Ol Pops’ stand.  My phone buzzed when his text came through.  “You got time to help me load a hog?”

The sun had barely made it all of the way over the horizon, and we both had meat on the ground.  What a day.  I assured him that I’d be there as soon as I got my deer on ice.


‘Ol Pops’ Deer

After working a knife like a ninja swatting at flies, I got my deer in an ice chest, and jumped in the truck.  As I reached to close the truck door, I heard a distant Boom.  Another buzz, and the text read “And time to load a deer?”

I laughed as I looked at the deer’s picture in his text, and replied back with one word.


We loaded everything up, headed back to the camp, and got everything on ice.  I had to take a shower, and get to work, but first it was time for a hot cup of coffee, and some breakfast.

I had saved my favorite cut of meat from my deer…the heart!  See my post on Deer Heart & Eggs.


Deer Heart & Eggs

I jumped in and out of the shower like Clark Kent turning into a chubby Superman, and got my butt to work before 8:30 AM.  What a great life.


Meat Mission Accomplished

I also learned not to tell ‘Ol Pops that I’m on a meat mission, because he will definitely contribute.  Youth vs. Experience….Experience wins.  I had some real fun, and still was able to have Meat Mission Accomplished.

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