Slow Motion Helicopter Hog Hunting – Its a Wonderful World

Helicopter Hog Hunt.png

After discovering that two of the feeders that I schlepped into the woods, filled with corn, and set up for my 12 yr old daughter to bow hunt over were destroyed by wild hogs and all of the corn devoured, this video was my woosah moment.

If you hate wild hogs, then you’re welcome.  This is my version of “group therapy” (I’m thinking 5 shot group):


Those feeders were set up in 108 degree heat index with 100% humidity.  DIE SWINE! DIE!

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  1. That’s pretty good shooting, there! I can appreciate it’s not that easy to hit anything from a moving platform. Nicely done!


  2. Excellent post, nonetheless. I might just put hunting from a chopper in my bucket list!

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